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Phase 1 Mustang Superchargers




Phase 1 ROUSH superchargers provide great performance at a great value.

These systems provide enough punch to make even the daily-driver the King of the Streets. The Phase 1 Supercharger for 2011+ 5.0L Mustang produces an impressive 575 HP.

phase 2 Mustang Superchargers




The next level, Phase 2 ROUSHchargers, offer increased horsepower and torque.

However, there's nothing mid-grade about these superchargers. The Phase 2 kits give you enough power to command the track and the streets, with 625 HP for the 2011-2013 5.0L Mustang system.

Phase 3 Mustang Superchargers




Phase 3 ROUSH superchargers are the ultimate power-adder in Mustang performance.

Boasting over 675 horsepower for the 2011-2013 5.0L Mustang Phase 3 system, this kit will blow your competition away. ROUSH engineers work hard to get the most performance and reliability out of the full lineup of R2300 superchargers. That's why ROUSH offers Phase-to-Phase upgrade kits, allowing you to build up power at your own pace.